Next Stop: Germany

Steam into the Industrial Age! The German Railroads expansion contains three modules and enough new components to reinvent your Russian Railroads games. Begin by constructing a rail empire across Germany with the new player boards, which feature three routes that open new possibilities and pose intriguing questions to would-be railroad barons. Do you take the longer route toward Hamburg and eventually access valuable white tracks? Or do you access important upgrades earlier by taking the shorter route to Berlin? Unlike the railroads in the base game, the German railroads are not yet fully planned, leaving you with new opportunities to leave your mark.     

Coal is King

Coal fueled the golden age of rail, and you'll make use of this precious resource in German Railroads. The addition of coal adds another layer of strategic depth to the base game. Players gather and spend coal to add boilermen to their locomotives and factories, upgrading their capabilities and granting access to special improved actions. You can also use coal to purchase unique foundries that grant powerful abilities. For even more options, add the new engineers, factories, tokens, and cards. Finally, German Railroads includes rules for a solo variant against Emil the dog. Although he is friendly, Emil is also good at getting in your way and stopping you from scoring points. Overcome his challenges and build your railroad empire!