A Better Future

The 19th Century draws to a close. On the advice of his transport minister, Tsar Alexander III orders construction of a railway that spans the length of Russia. But to complete this line and usher in the future his empire, other major routes must also be built. In Russian Railroads, players are railroad moguls racing to contribute to this monumental project by building the largest and most advanced railway network possible. Each assigns workers to complete important tasks that will lead the country into the industrialized future. Develop simple tracks to reach important places, then modernize your railway network to improve the efficiency of your machinery. Each addition to your lines and new technological innovation brings you one step closer to victory. Rise to the challenge and help forge the future of Russia!

Full Steam Ahead

Building the Trans-Siberian railway is no easy task, and only a true railroad mogul will rise to the task. In addition to constructing tracks, you must purchase new locomotives, promote industrialization, and hire workers and engineers. Each turn, you place these workers across the board to perform actions and expand your empire. Once the foundation is in place, gain access to more specialized workers and equipment. Construct factories to improve your technology and unlock unique abilities or hire engineers to give your empire the boost it needs to race past the competition. Whatever you choose, make sure that you extend your lines and encourage the industrialization that comes along with it. There are many paths to victory. The empire that overcomes the challenges and contributes the most to the Trans-Siberian Railway will go down in history.