Fight to Survive

Deep in a devil-filled forest, Hunters seek to destroy Shadows—dwellers in the demon world—with innocent Civilians caught in between. In Shadow Hunters, you assume the identity of a character from one of these groups, kept secret from the other players. Over the course of the game, you must determine who you can trust while keeping your own identity hidden. Pay close attention to other players’ behavior, determine who they are, and choose the right moment to reveal yourself and join the fight. Only one group will emerge victorious.


Out of the Shadows

The key to victory in Shadow Hunters is identifying your allies and enemies early on while preparing for the final battle. Narrow down the possibilities by playing Hermit Cards and gather powerful cards by visiting different locations throughout the forest. Once identities are revealed, the game shifts to an all-out battle. Attack your enemies using equipment cards such as Rusty Broad Ax or Fortune Brooch. For an even bigger boost, reveal your identity to use your character’s special ability. You might choose to Teleport out of harm’s way or Suck Blood to damage an opponent and heal yourself. As the battle comes to a head, make sure that your win condition is met and live to fight another day!