Deliver Your Goods

During the Edo period, higaki kaisen (trading ships) transported materials to Edo (now Tokyo), the center of political power in Japan. These ships carried many specialty items on the dangerous journey from Osaka, the mercantile center of Japan. In Traders of Osaka, step into the role of a powerful trader responsible for transporting these valuable goods safely. As the game progresses, goods are purchased on the market, advancing the ships carrying them on their path toward Edo. You’ll receive victory points once goods are delivered—but deliveries also pose a danger for ships still at sea. You stand to lose precious cargo if a ship gets caught in the dreaded Black Tide. A clever trader invests in insurance to mitigate the possibility of losses and maximize their profits.

Become a Master Trader

To succeed as a trader, you must collect sets of cards of the same color to sell once they reach the markets of Edo. Purchase the goods you need from the market, grow your wealth by drawing more cards, and keep goods out of your opponents’ hands by reserving them for yourself. Being a trader comes with plenty of risks, but pay close attention and you can manipulate any situation to your advantage. Seize the opportunities that you encounter and become a master trader!