Welcome to the Zoo

Build the zoo of your dreams by filling pens with fun animals, expanding their living spaces, and placing vendors with delicious foods! In Zooloretto, two to five players compete to see who can build the best zoo. People will flock to see your zoo’s happy inhabitants—but don’t take on more animals than your grounds can handle, or they’ll have to stay out of sight in the barn! Use your ingenuity to create the right mix of animals and environments and build the best zoo around!

Bring on the Beasts

You can’t have a zoo without animals, so it’s time to fill those pens with wildlife! Each round, players take turns loading a truck, choosing a loaded truck for their zoo, or spending money on their zoo. A truck can be loaded with anything from new animals to extra money to concession stands. Keep an eye out for the animals you’re looking to give a new home, and pick up a truck to start filling your zoo. Don't forget, though! Each pen can only hold one type of animal, and you’ll want to fill that pen to make the most of your zoo’s space. Try to diversify your zoo just enough to fill your pens, and pair up and breed your animals in order to bring an adorable new baby to your zoo!

Make the Most of Your Space

Managing your zoo's space is challenging, but there’s always a way to keep your customers interested in all you have to offer. Place a concession stand near an attraction that doesn’t have a lot of animals to bring more foot traffic and gain points for pens that weren’t filled to capacity with cool animals for the customers to come and visit. When the barn starts to fill up with animals that can’t get into a pen, you can pay to expand the zoo or remodel a pen to swap in animals from the barn.

Keep Them Coming

Your customers came to see happy animals out and about. You’ll lose points if you can’t find room for animals in the pens, so try to keep them out of the barn! If your competition has a barn full of animals that have nowhere to go, you can pay to get their cooped up creatures into your zoo! Fill your zoo with happy animals and paying customers, and you’ll be sure to beat the competition to become the best zookeeper around in Zooloretto!