6 November 2019

What to Expect at PAX Unplugged 2019

Play the latest games, get con-exclusive promos, and save humanity in Pandemic Survival!

We’re about a month out from PAX Unplugged. What is Z-Man Games bringing this year? In a word: lots! We’ll be at booth #2523 all weekend to answer your questions, demo games, and sling some pins. Stop by early to make sure you get a pin and promo cards before they run out!


Once again, we’re giving away an exclusive pin at the Z-Man Games booth (#2523), while supplies last. Demo Noctiluca to get the free pin and add these colorful sea creatures to your collection!

We’re also bringing back our con-exclusive set of promo cards to use in Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master that debuted earlier this year at Gen Con. Demo the game to snag a set of these useful intergalactic items.


And as usual, we’ll have some of our newest games for you to play. From epic space adventures and frantic dice-rolling to grand civilizations and glowing sea creatures, there’s a game here for you. Read below for a brief overview of each game, and then stop by the booth for a demo!

Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master

The Lacoonian System has lived in peace for centuries but now the Evil Power Master has returned! Explore a new cooperative narrative adventure with the next entry in the Choose Your Own Adventure game series. Lead the Rapid Force Crew to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, collect items, complete challenges, and stop the Evil Power Master from doing his evil thing!

MSRP for Choose Your Own Adventure: War with the Evil Power Master is $24.99.


It’s your chance to make history and build the most glorious empire! With an innovative card selection system, you must strategically recruit skilled artisans, philosophers, warriors, and architects who will bring their genius to aid you in your endeavors. Choose the best allies to build your civilization’s strength and prestige and create a legacy for the ages.

MSRP for Hadara is $59.99.

Lift Off

The unexplored cosmos awaits you in Lift Off! Build your space agency and compete to claim the most glorious milestones of space travel. Recruit the best specialists in the field, send up the first satellites, and land on new planets. Select your missions carefully and gather the right technology—will you win the race to the stars?

MSRP for Lift Off is $59.99.

Love Letter

The Princess is looking for an ideal partner and confidant to help with her royal duties when she one day assumes the throne. You must prove your worth and compete to deliver your letter of intent by enlisting allies, friends, and family of the Princess in this quick card game of risk and deduction. Can you earn the trust of the noble Princess?

This new edition of Love Letter features brand-new art and two new characters, allowing you to play up to 6 players!

MSRP for Love Letter is $11.99.


In the remote depths of the jungle lie the Cerulean Pools. On the warmest nights of the year, the otherwise quiet waters are filled with shimmering lights as the dormant noctiluca awaken. As the most skilled divers in the land, you and your friends seek to retrieve these glowing creatures!

A beautiful and engaging abstract game designed by Shem Phillips, Noctiluca features 104 colorful dice for you to collect as you dive into the Cerulean Pools. Think carefully, choose your path through the water, and catch the noctiluca you need to complete jars and deliver them safely to healers.

MSRP for Noctiluca is $34.99.

Pandemic: Rapid Response

Natural disasters have struck cities across the globe! Recognizing the overwhelming threat, the nations of the world have taken action and assembled the Crisis Response Unit: an elite team of doctors and specialists. With a specially equipped plane, you are uniquely capable of providing life-saving aid—anytime, anywhere.

Pandemic: Rapid Response is a race against time. Roll dice to create supplies, fly the plane, and make deliveries to cities in need. As the timer counts down, you must work together to react to new disasters. Will you and your team be able to respond in time?

MSRP for Pandemic: Rapid Response is $39.99.


PAX Unplugged is also the venue of our first Regional qualifier for the 2020 Pandemic Survival tournament season! In case you missed it, official tournaments in 2020 will feature Reign of Cthulhu, our Lovecraft-inspired Pandemic System game. Get some spooky Reign of Cthulhu swag and save humanity from an ancient evil!

Sign up for the event on the PAX Unplugged website once event registration goes live.

Want to learn more about Pandemic Survival, the first cooperative-style tournament in tabletop gaming? Check out the Pandemic Survival page for general information, and then head over to the current season page to see what’s on in 2020. Registration for tournament organizers is open now!