A Perfect Match

The original characters of Love Letter face the brave new world of online dating in Love Letter: Sender, a free print-and-play card game! Courtship isn’t as easy as sending a simple missive anymore. Unique obstacles stand between you and happily ever after: Fish Guys, misleading Group Photos, duplicitous Catfishes, and a host of other eccentric characters crowd the dating pool. Can you persevere through the perils of online dating to find your Perfect Match?

To Swipe or Not to Swipe

To play, download the printable file below. Print and cut out the cards, and then follow the same rules for setup and play as Love Letter using tokens of your choice. How do you win the dating game? Starting with a one-card hand, take turns drawing a card and playing one of your two options. Use card effects to try and knock other players out of the round; the fewer players left at the end, the less competition for coveted match tokens. Stay in the game and try to find your Perfect Match!