Travel Back in Time

Ra is a gripping auction game of dynasty-building. This edition redesigns the original game created by Dr. Reiner Knizia. Ancient Egypt awaits your guidance, whether to build stunning monuments that will stand for millennia or cultivate formative agriculture, art, astronomy, religion and writing. Outbid your fellow advisors for the most impactful elements of society so that your name goes down in history with the exceptional civilization you have overseen from the very beginning.

The Beginnings of Civilization

Each turn, you and your opponents may research new opportunities by drawing tiles, bidding on items up for auction, or invoking the power of the gods to claim crucial elements of society. Your influence among royals rises and falls as your bidding power changes with the number of Sun Disks you have—the currency with which you bid. Tiles placed along the auction track include civilization, monument, pharaoh, gold, river, god, and disaster. If you bid on the auction track and win, you must take them all, good or bad. Auctions may be held at your request, or when a Ra tile is drawn and added to the Ra track. Once Ra is invoked, you and your opponents each have one opportunity to bid for items revealed on the board.

The End of an Epoch

The game consists of three epochs. An epoch ends either when all players have spent their Sun Disks or when tiles along the Ra track reach the last space. At this point, players score their pharaoh, gold, god, river, and civilization tiles, placing tablets facedown to track points secretly. You discard flood, gold, god, and civilization tiles after scoring, so players must reclaim them during each epoch. You can keep tiles with scarab icons, however, allowing players to build up a stock of pharaohs, Nile tiles, or monuments. All remaining tiles are scored at the end of the third epoch, and the player with the most points wins the game!

Build Your Empire

Drawing tiles at random makes for an ever-changing game experience in Ra. Whether players build an exceptional empire of their own or sabotage their opponents' efforts, each auction is a rousing bout of bluffing and bidding. Once an epoch ends, the board is reset and the battle for greatness begins again.